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How to connect to Remote Control



  • Ludmil Egov

    In fact it does not explain HOW to connect the Akaso 7 to the remote control.

  • Willy Froese

    I finally got the correct instructions from someone in customer service. Amazing that they cannot seem to get this in their FAQs.

    Press the power button to turn on the remote control. When the red and blue lights flash, the remote control is waiting to connect to the camera.
    Then you need to pair the camera and remote. Turn on the camera, ensure that the remote is enabled in settings. Please press the remote Set and Record buttons at the same time till the red and blue lights turn on and stay on for one second. When the remote is connected to the camera, its screen will display the current camera status information, the two lights will also turn off.

    That's it, that's all. Worked great for me.

  • Rajkamal Pradhan

    The remote is not working at all. No light glows when I press either of the buttons. I changed the battery too, but it's not working.


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